Say “Yes” to a Second Opinion

You may not think of your feet or ankles as critical body parts, like your heart or brain, but healthy feet are more important than you may realize. Think about how hard it would be to live your life if you couldn’t stand on your own two feet, how limiting it would be if you couldn’t walk without pain or how embarrassed you’d feel if your feet became increasingly deformed.

Feet are a critical component to whole body health. But it doesn’t take much – a fracture, swelling, pain or severe stiffness – for your feet to impact the quality of your life. Anyone who’s ever had to use crutches knows how even a relatively manageable problem, like a broken foot, can hamper your life and lifestyle.

When you have a foot or ankle problem, take the time to get a second opinion from a FOOT AND ANKLE ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON, especially if surgery is advised. A second opinion gives you:


that the diagnosis is correct


that the treatment plan and recommended surgical technique are the best options for the best outcomes


that you’re getting the care that’s right for you

With 26 bones, 100 muscles and 33 joints, your foot is a complex and important part of your body. Make sure you have all the information before agreeing to any foot or ankle treatment. Get a second opinion you can trust from a FOOT AND ANKLE ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON.

Don’t take chances with your feet. Look for the “O” when you have a foot or ankle issue.